the SWEATSHOP will realize your physical potential through functional performance-based training. We will increase power, strength, and lean body mass using proven training techniques and an unmatched menu of exercises.


As a strength & conditioning coach, I have worked with many individuals. Over time, this amounts to hundreds and hundreds of “subjects” who have undergone my training programs. I introduce my clients to the world of performance-based conditioning; a world where function comes first and physical benefits are unmatched. It’s really simple: I train the parts that move your body in a way that makes them more efficient, and you’ll get better results faster.

PowerUp Cookie for Lasting Energy and Better Performance

PowerUp utilizes real, whole foods to fuel your body and mind for all your pre and post-workout needs. Packed with organic, high-quality ingredients, free of any preservatives or artificial additives, these cookies will provide you with lasting energy to PowerUp your day!

Keys to Success

A combined program of exercise and healthy food habits. With our provided instruction on proper nutrition, not only help you lose fat, but keep it off.

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Our passion to help people attain health, in body and mind, is a defining characteristic of everything we do. the SWEATSHOP is Portland’s own and we have what it takes to help you reach your fitness goals! 

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